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fashioncrazed's Journal

A Boi Named Gay Ho
5 February
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Self-centered, gaudy, Colombian fashion-plate with mild social anxiety. Altruism sold seperately.

"Don't lie to me.......mother fucker I INVENTED lying" -Me
99 cent nuggets, ab fab, acrylic painting, action figures, arcades, artie and leech, astrology, audiogalaxy, beauty and the beast, belts, betty la fea, birds of prey, board games, bottoms, britney spears, buffy the vampire slayer, bust a groove, cartooning, cartoons, channel, chespirito, clubbing, colombia, comedy clubs, d & g, dance dance revolution, david yurman, ddr, deborah cox, designing, digimon, disney animated films, dogs, dolce and gabbana, dvd's, ebay, emma frost, everquest, faberge, fag hags, fairies, fashion, final fantasy, gargoyles, gay boys, gay clothes, gay friends, gay issues, gay men, gay porn, gay teens, generation x, good charlotte, goth boys, gothic, gucci, hair dye., heaven, hello kitty, homosexuals, illustration, japanese pop, japanimation, jay strongwater, jean paul gaultier, john hardy, jubilee, just cavalli, korean dance music, kurfew, l'italiano, lace, latinos, le chateau, lisa lampinelli, macedonia, mackenzie childs, magic the gathering, maria la del bario, marionettes, marvel comics, michele watches, moulin rouge, necromancers, neiman marcus, new jersey, new york city, nick at nite, olive and orange, painting, penis, pepsi, pokemon, pop music, prada, psp, psychic powers, ranma 1/2, roberto cavalli, rocky horror picture show, roller skating, rpg's, sailor moon, sanrio, shakira, shoes, sophie ellis bextor, spanish soap operas, thalia, the cheeky girls, the cheeky song, the little mermaid, the mall, thundercats, togepi, toyfare magazine, trivia, video games, waka laka, white queen, x-men